Friday, April 29

how to move on?

how to move on?
how do we exactly move on?
how exactly does it feels like?
and how do you know that you finally moved on???

its scares me..
to forget about him.. i know until today i find its hard to forget about him. 
he's like that one celebrity crush that you cant have, you know what i mean right? 
he put up his wall up so high..
i don't know what he's afraid of..
i know he knows that my love for him was deep like the blue ocean,
and could never fade away..
he knew i never stop loving him until today..

i know its been awhile since we met.. 
but this month he ask me out for a dinner as my birthday treat..
i felt so happy that day, i thought i will never see his face again..
i know he can't love me.. i know..
because he likes someone else, right?
i sound so pathetic, right?
i love that we got to talk that day, because we took a long way to the place we want to eat for dinner.
we talk about future, i felt so real that day..
i cant get my eyes away from him,
he talk about his life, his work, how tired he is with everything,
and he want to get married when he is 27.
its nice to hear that he's planning on it.
even if its not with me, i still hope for the best,
i hope he will always be happy,

i don't want to bother him anymore,
i think its time,
to start to love again...

but, you..
you will always have a space in my heart..
i will always love you..
and i'm truly sorry that i can't let you go..